Scents of Scotland Bundle

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Our collection of gorgeous wax melts in scents inspired by the coastlines of Scotland. Over 230 hours of beautiful fragrance for only £16.

2 x Ocean Bars representing the fresh east coast and rugged west coast of Scotland. Elie Rockpools & Hebridean Sea Salt. Approx 60-70 hours of burn time per bar. 

Our NEW comforting scent Isle of Cotton in a six segment snap bar. Approx 50-60 hours of burn time.

A bag of mini melts in our popular Scottish Sea Beeeze scent. Delicately fresh and floral. Approx 20-30 hours of burn time.

Please note: Each bar will be different and unique.

Pop 1 square in to your wax burner or 2-3 mini melts and let the unique aroma fill your home.

Each scent comes packaged in a compostable glassine bag, with our signature paper label.