*NEW* Winterberry Woodland - Mini Melts Bag

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Winterberry Woodland - Part of our Winter Wonderland Collection. A mouthwatering cocktail of ripe, sweet and sour berries including brambles, blackberries, raspberries and freshly peeled citrus zest. Leading to a contrast of green sappy notes, grape-vine leaves and orange blossom stems. The scent of Christmas!! 

Small bag of little Mini Melts in Winterberry Woodland. 30g total / approx 20-30 hours total burn time.

Shapes will be different for each scent. From shells, hearts, flowers or stars.

Pop 2-3 melts in to your wax burner depending on your room size and desired strength of fragrance.

Comes packaged in a compostable glassine bag, with our signature paper label.